The Company

Operes srl started out in 1999 as a branch of the better known construction company, Cosedil Spa with the aim of becoming involved in a specialist area, investing in equipment and highly qualified personnel.
Since 2002 it has been a specialist in the restoration and renovation of heritage sites and has carried out many projects throughout Italy.
The company philosophy of Operes is expertise and specialisation in restoration work. Its highly qualified mastery enables Operes to complete restoration or renovation projects without calling in sub-contractors whether it be architectural or artistic, guaranteeing delivery of contracts on time and to the highest standards.
The excellence of Operes is a result of continual innovation in the sector by its team, in recognition of the high cultural mission that each work of restoration and conservation requires.
Operes brings together tradition and innovation, its highest priority is client satisfaction and the complete respect for the value of the heritage which has been left to us and that we must leave for the future.
Great prominence has been given to recent restoration works on the Roman Arena in Verona and the Basilica of St Anthony of Padova.

What we do

OPERES Srl operates in Sicily in heritage restoration, its highly qualified technical team and its flexible structure has made it a natural choice for projects both past and present of different sizes and types.

Our fields of excellence:
Restoration of architectural and artistic heritage
Environmental and urban recovery and renewal
Renovation and restoration of archeological sites and museum buildings
Architectural Restoration